Bye bye Dubai

In the downdraft of oil prices and the global recession taking full grip, a once bustling city in the United Arab Emirates is collapsing at an alarming rate. Dubai’s foreign workers are leaving in droves, their investments are drying up and new problems seem to be arising on a daily basis.

Recent incidents have highlighted the deterioration of competence.  Only a few weeks ago, raw sewage was discovered on tourist beaches.  Apparently being pumped in to the ocean by poorly run industry.  Just a few days ago a tanker collided with a freighter offshore creating a lot of debris and a necessitating more clean ups.

Dubai Towers
Above: The planned Dubai Towers project.  On hold.

I remember only a few years ago I would read that record breaking skyscrapers were being planned and even erected on a seemingly never ending basis. Now that the local economy is collapsing the government has passed a law that forbids talking badly about the city and fines those that would dare to about $250,000.

Tourism has been dropping as other destinations or staycations (staying home on vacation) become more desirable. Certainly many of the lofty projects will be put on hold if not outright abandoned as income dries up in energy and tourism. Many speculate this may be the end of a city that never really reached its planned potential.

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